About Global Forest Watch Canada

Global Forest Watch Canada monitors the state of Canada’s forests and provides quality information on development activity and the resulting environmental impacts. The group works independently within the larger Global Forest Watch network of organizations.

We are convinced that better information about Canada's forests will lead to more informed government and corporate policies, and the preservation of our nation’s forests for current and future generations.

Approximately half of the forests that initially covered our planet have disappeared, and another 30 percent have been fragmented, degraded, or replaced by secondary forest. Urgent steps must be taken to safeguard the remaining fifth.

About a tenth of the total global forest cover exists within Canada. We are also home to over a third of the world’s boreal forest, and one quarter of the world’s temperate forests. Although these forests have escaped large-scale conversion, they are being rapidly opened up for their timber, energy and mineral resources and recreational opportunities.

Despite these issues, Canada lacks an independent national perspective on forestry. Decision makers are without up-to-date, detailed maps and other monitoring and verification tools to identify current and approaching issues.

From decreasing biodiversity to cumulative industrial impacts and fragmentation, Canada’s forests face serious and ever growing threats. Global Forest Watch Canada aims to help resolve these issues through the distribution of independent, quality information.