Mission, Vision and Values


To support the stewardship and conservation of Canada's remaining forests, by providing decision makers and civil society with timely, accurate information on their location, state, and change. In particular, this mission includes monitoring development activities occurring within and around Canada's forests, which influence the current and future conditions of these ecosystems as well as the people who live within them. We contribute to a shift toward greater ecological sustainability in the management of natural areas by creating a compelling visual picture and analysis of current conditions, historical changes and future trends.


Canada’s forests will be increasingly well managed through better information that supports improved decision-making and thereby they will provide a full range of benefits for both present and future generations.


1. Independence: We are an independent, Canada-wide organization. Neither board nor staff members are directly involved in large-scale management or extraction of forest resources.

2. Wide Participation: We seek the support, advice and help of a wide range of institutions and individuals, at local, national, and international levels.

3. Information: We provide objective and credible information about development activities and conditions and trends in Canada’s forests. Our information is widely and freely available.

4. Transparency and accountability: GFWC produces reports and other products which are peer-reviewed, well-documented, and methodologically transparent.

5. Credibility and Objectivity: We document data collection methods used, and address the peer review feedback we receive in our final publications.

6. Building from strengths: We create products, plans, and relationships that build on those that already exist and/or are readily available.