Industrial developments threatening Canada's woodland caribou

Caribou(2012-01-10) Global Forest Watch Canada publishes new study confirming Environment Canada's “secret” concerns regarding threatened species in Alberta's oil sands region.

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Canada’s woodland caribou: Industrial disturbances in their ranges and implications for their survival

(2012-01-10) This bulletin contains evidence of the extent to which industrial developments are threatening woodland caribou (boreal population) in Canada's jurisdictions, especially in Alberta's oil sands region. This bulletin is part of a series by Global Forest Watch Canada to address the geographic distribution and key environmental impacts of Canada's energy sectors.

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Cumulative Access in Canada's Forest Ecozones (bulletin)

(2010-09-13) This Global Forest Watch Canada study has analyzed the extent to which Canada's forest ecozones have been impacted by significant human activities. GFWC's cumulative access layer was compiled by analyzing Landsat (TM and ETM) satellite images for the period 1988 to 2006. All visible infrastructure and other human activities on the images were mapped and buffered by 500 metres. It is accompanied by a geospatial dataset (see link under "Related Stories" below). 

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