Media Archive (Pre-2012)

December 2011:
Dramatic evidence presented at conference in New Zealand on increasing rates of logging and road building in sensitive caribou habitat in Québec, Canada

September 2011:

Alberta Government’s latest plan for Lower Athabasca region protects little area for woodland caribou and whooping cranes but allocates lots of area for oil sands leases

July 2011:

Nova Scotia’s Proposed Wilderness Areas in Chignecto Protect Significant Intact Forest Landscapes

July 2011:

Rates of logging and road building in sensitive caribou habitat in Québec are increasing: new report

July 2011:

World’s last wild migrating whooping cranes threatened by Alberta’s oil sands developments

June 2011:
Research finds Canada Lagging on Permanently Protected Areas

May 2011:
Research Finds Rising Levels of Carcinogens in Athabasca River Sediment Linked to Bitumen Production

March 2011:
Alberta Government’s Castle "special place" in south-western Alberta no longer secure for grizzly bears

December 2010:
Global Forest Watch Canada receives Boreal Award

November 2010:
Two-thirds of Nova Scotia's intact forests lack protection: New study identifies Chignecto area among important forest conservation opportunities

July 2010:
Global Forest Watch Canada Makes Available Tar Sands Database for Researchers

October 2009:
Research Documents Pollution from Alberta's Tar Sands and Calls for the Urgent Attention of the World's Scientific Community

September 2009:
New study reveals substantial unreported quantities of greenhouse gas emissions from the oil sands in the boreal forests of Alberta, Canada

June 2009:
New Satellite-based maps reveal rapid changes to Nova Scotia's forests

April 2009:
New atlas reveals rapid disappearance of the last great intact boreal forests of Alberta

April 2009:
New maps identify industrial disturbances that threaten woodland caribou in Canada

May 2007:
New Boreal Information Centre Created for North America
Update (2011): the website is no longer active. The Boreal Information Centre is now part of a larger data sharing project called "Data Basin" which may be accessed at

March 2007:
Landmark report reveals a decade of rapid change in Ontario's Boreal

February 2007:
The latest "Before and After" Satellite Imagery Reveals Striking Picture of Industrial-Caused Changes to the Pascagama Site of Québec's Boreal Forest

May 2006:
Recent Anthropogenic Changes within the Boreal Plains Ecozone of Saskatchewan and Manitoba

March 2006:
Satellite Imagery Reveals New Picture of Canada's Remaining Wild Forests

February 2006:
Satellite Imagery Reveals Striking Picture of Human-Caused Changes to Québec's Boreal Forest

July 2004:
Where Land and Waters Meet: An Assessment of Canada's Riparian Forest Management Standards

May 2004:
Forest companies increase their mill capacity to handle increased cutting in Canada's boreal forest

April 2004:
Large logging companies' control of public forest lands growing

January 2004:
New report reveals that shorelines in Canada's forested watersheds are impacted by logging practices

November 2003:
Study shows Aboriginal people are not economically benefiting from living in Canada's commercial forest

September 2003:
Satellite imagery reveals new picture of Canada's wild forests