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Canada Access: Combined

(2010-09-13) The Canada Access dataset is a compilation of data sources showing areas of Canada that have undergone anthropogenic disturbance.

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Summary of Global Forest Watch Canada's Anthropogenic Change Projects: 2006–2010

(2010-09-13) This report summarizes Global Forest Watch Canada’s anthropogenic change work since 2006. These studies were conducted across Canada and resulted in a series of reports for Québec, Ontario, Saskatchewan/Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Northwest Territories. The reports focused on major ecosystem types, such as terrestrial ecozones, watersheds, inland temperate rainforests, Rocky Mountain Foothills, and Greenbelt surrounding Toronto.

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Environmental Impacts of the Tar Sands Industry in Northeastern Alberta: A Database

(2010-07-30) Greenpeace, Sierra Club Prairie, Keepers of the Athabasca and Global Forest Watch Canada together released databases compiled by prominent scientist Dr. Kevin Timoney, one with more than 6,500 incidents, regarding tar sands operations that raise serious concerns about how companies are allowed to operate in this province by the Alberta government.

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Bitumen and Biocarbon: Land Use Conversions and Loss of Biological Carbon Due to Bitumen Operations in the Boreal Forests of Alberta, Canada

(2009-09-27) A report that provides estimates of land use changes, biological carbon content and consequent potential greenhouse emissions due to existing and future surface mining and in situ extraction of bitumen in Alberta, Canada. The paper reveals that significant amounts of greenhouse gases are emitted through the disturbance and/or removal of biocarbon (trees, shrubs, peats), which overlay Alberta's oil sands. These emissions have not previously been measured nor reported by governments and industry.

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The Last Great Intact Forest Landscapes of Canada: Atlas of Alberta (Parts I & II)

(2009-04-02) This 2-part atlas was published in the hope that it will assist Albertans in their efforts to sustainably manage their important forest legacy; its production was triggered by the Alberta Government's release of Alberta's Land-use Framework in December 2008. The atlas reveals a dramatic reduction in large blocks of Alberta's natural boreal forest landscapes due to the expansion of industrial activities in recent decades. Part I of the atlas provides context and maps of Alberta's intact forest landscapes; Part II focuses on the threats to these forests.

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Canada's Forests At a Crossroads: An Assessment in the Year 2000

Crossroads Report(2001-02-01) GFWC's first major product, which contains our first look at the scale and magnitude of development within Canada's forests. Published in English and French!

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