Environmental Impacts of Hydropower in Canada Underreported

(2012-01-18) Global Forest Watch Canada publishes a new instalment in a series on the environmental impacts of Canada’s major energy sectors and calls for a Canada energy strategy that includes good environmental information

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Industrial developments threatening Canada's woodland caribou

Caribou(2012-01-10) Global Forest Watch Canada publishes new study confirming Environment Canada's “secret” concerns regarding threatened species in Alberta's oil sands region.

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GFWC Receives Boreal Award

(2010-12-01) Peter Lee, Executive Director, was honoured to accept a Boreal Award on behalf of the board and staff of Global Forest Watch Canada at the annual awards gala in Ottawa on November 24th. The annual Boreal Awards, presented by the Boreal Leadership Council, pay tribute to individuals, groups, companies, and governments who are passionate about the protection and the vitality of Canada's Boreal Forest.

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