Investigation into CNRL's uncontrolled releases of crude bitumen in the Primrose area of Alberta reveals failures to protect the public interest

(2014-02-06) Peter Lee, executive director of Global Forest Watch Canada and co-investigator, notes that the evidence gathered documents inadequate provision of timely information to the public, both on the part of the Alberta Energy Regulator and CNRL. He adds, “Both the Alberta Energy Regulator and CNRL have been slow to provide information and the information provided has been sparse and frequently inaccurate.”

Timoney observed that “CNRL is known to be a media-shy company. The Alberta Energy Regulator, despite its public relations statements, remains a secretive agency. Neither excel at providing timely, accurate, and complete information to the public. When the failure to inform is combined with major environmental incidents and a regulator that fails to err on the side of caution, the public interest suffers.”
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