GFWC’s Executive Director Wynet Smith to participate in Homeward Bound, an expedition to unite Women in Science

(20-10-2015) Homeward Bound is a state-of-the-art leadership and strategic program for women in science from around the globe, a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Antarctica, and a new future for our planet. It is the start of a 10-year outreach initiative to build a 1,000-strong global collaboration of women in science, who have had the same experience at sea together, focusing on the leadership and planning required to contribute to the recognition of our planet as home.

Global Forest Watch Canada’s (GFWC’s) Executive Director, Wynet Smith, is one of 78 remarkable female leaders in science from around the world who will together work on a range of projects throughout 2016, culminating in the 20 day trip to Antarctica to cement the ideas into real time actionable plans. Twelve people in all will deliver program content to change the lives of the women on board the expedition.

Smith has much to contribute to the collaboration, with more than 20 years of national and international experience in natural resources policy, planning and management. She has worked for the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, for the United Nations, as a geography professor at St Catharine’s College at the University of Cambridge in England, and for the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC. She has also worked in northern Canada for co-management and Aboriginal organizations.

The major aims of Homeward Bound are to elevate each participant’s leadership capabilities, to refine their skills to design and execute strategy, and devise plans for future collaborations as women working towards a sustainable future. Smith hopes that her participation in the Homeward Bound program will “increase my ability to make and execute strategic decisions that help my organization contribute to a broad shift to a more sustainable and equitable future.”

The first Homeward Bound expedition, departing Ushuaia, in December 2016, will seek to significantly elevate how women at the leadership table might give us a more inclusive future, focusing on the role of women in leadership globally. While on board, women will have 18 days of education on state of the art leadership, strategic skills and global climate, biological and earth system science.

GFWC congratulates Wynet Smith on her acceptance to the program. Her participation will certainly be a once in a lifetime experience for her, and what she learns will also surely benefit GFWC and Canada’s forests!

More information about Homeward Bound can be found at or

(For further information or to arrange an interview with any of the participants, please contact the Homeward Bound project directly.)

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