Recent burned area in the Boreal Forest of Saskatchewan (VIDEO & PHOTO)

(2015-12-15) During the summer of 2015, there were 716 forest fires in Saskatchewan, compared to a 10 year average of 363 (according to the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System). These fires burned 1.755 million hectares, compared to a 10 year average of 471,000 hectares. 
During October 2015, GFWC’s Executive Director Wynet Smith and GIS staffer Ryan Cheng had a chance to visit northeast Alberta and fly over a portion of Alberta as well as a small part of northwest Saskatchewan. 
See the video and a photo showing a large, recent fire burn in the boreal forest, just north of Clearwater River Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, just over 90 kilometres east of Fort McMurray, Alberta.
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