Decrease in Canada’s large intact forest landscapes between 2000 and 2013

(2016-07-05) Global Forest Watch Canada has just released its newest iteration of Canada’s intact forest landscapes layer, noting a significant decrease in their area. Intact forest landscapes are becoming increasingly rare at the global level. They are also growing in importance as reference points for understanding managed forest landscapes and designing management schemes that preserve or restore significant aspects of the natural forest landscape.

GFWC's bulletin, Canada’s Intact Forest Landscapes Updated to 2013, details GFWC’s methodology for creating this latest dataset and some analytical results of this nationwide mapping effort. The bulletin also explains why there are significant differences between the GFWC dataset and the global intact forest landscape dataset (released by the IFL Mapping Team in 2013). 

Download the full press release below. See also the "Related stories" to link to the bulletin, dataset, and an interactive map of the data.

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