Canada's Intact Forest Landscapes 2000-2013: Interactive Map

(2016-07-05) Global Forest Watch Canada (GFWC) is pleased to release its first interactive map: Intact Forest Landscapes of Canada, 2000-2013. This map helps democratize data by enabling viewers to view GFWC's intact forest landscapes as of 2000 and 2013 and the areas of degradation and fragmentation.

Viewers can turn the different data layers on and off and click on areas (polygons) to find out the size of the intact forest landscapes or the areas of degradation.

GFWC's map includes 3 of its own data layers:

1) GFWC's circa 2000 intact forest landscapes,

2) GFWC's 2013 intact forest landscapes, and

3) GFWC's areas of intact forest landscape degradation between 2000 and 2013.  

GFWC has also included a 4th layer: the global version of Canada's intact forest landscapes (as shown on the international Global Forest Watch website for comparison purposes. GFWC's intact forest landscape layers are also available for viewing on the international website by choosing national datalayers on the interactive map. 

Further details on the datasets, the mapping methods, and the results can be found in the accompanying bulletin: "Canada's Intact Forest Landscapes Updated to 2013". The dataset is also available for viewing at our partner's website: 

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