Public Lands, Public Geospatial Data: Some Jurisdictions Lag Behind

(2017-05-30) Many governments in Canada have committed to open government, and open data. However, these commitments have not yet resulted in comprehensive availability of open geospatial datasets on how governments allocate public lands and sub-surface resources. An analysis conducted by Global Forest Watch Canada (GFWC) found that not all provinces and territories have publicly available open datasets on forestry, mineral, and petroleum/natural gas concessions.

“Given most lands and sub-surfaces resources in Canada are public, it seems reasonable to assume datasets about them should be available for review and use by Canadians as a whole, and by affected communities,” said Wynet Smith, Executive Director of GFWC. “The availability of data is particularly important for Indigenous communities that have land rights and title interests in those lands and resources.”

Use the links below to read the full press release and to access the report.

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