Global Forest Watch Canada has closed its doors

The Board of Directors would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the wonderful staff of our organization who have worked hard, over many years, to watch over Canada’s forests.

Times certainly have changed since we started operations in 1999. Back then, it was extremely difficult for the public and non-government organizations to access reliable, high-quality satellite imagery. A core mandate of Global Watch Forest Canada has always been to make this information available to the public and to hold decision-makers accountable. Now, access to satellite imagery is much more easily available for the public to see what’s happening to our forests.

Global Forest Watch Canada is proud of the numerous reports we have published over the years and the various GIS datasets we have produced. These include anthropogenic change analyses, intact forest landscape mapping, natural capital valuation, conservation planning for protected areas and endangered species, and industrial disturbance mapping. We are particularly proud of our collaborations with Aboriginal communities, and our partnerships with Academics and with local NGOs in far flung areas of the county.

We still feel there is a need for producing high quality datasets of Canada’s forests, but the funding situation has changed and we can no longer afford financially to carry on. The substantial majority of our data has been moved to the Conservation Biology Institute and we are grateful that this will remain available for the public to use.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in Global Forest Watch Canada over the years. It was a difficult decision to terminate the organization, but we look back fondly on the significant amount of cutting-edge research that was taken on over an 18 year period. We feel like we have made a difference and have contributed to a growing movement to ensure the responsible stewardship of Canada’s forests.


Global Forest Watch Canada Board of Directors


Note: As this website will cease in the near future, we have ensured that all GFWC datasets and reports will be available on the Conservation Biology Institute's DataBasin platform ( We will provide a direct link once this data transfer is completed. 

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