Environmental Impacts of the Tar Sands Industry in Northeastern Alberta: A Database

(2010-07-30) Greenpeace, Sierra Club Prairie, Keepers of the Athabasca and Global Forest Watch Canada together released databases compiled by prominent scientist Dr. Kevin Timoney, one with more than 6,500 incidents, regarding tar sands operations that raise serious concerns about how companies are allowed to operate in this province by the Alberta government.

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Comprehensive conservation planning in Canadian boreal regions

(2010-05-10) Published in the scientific journal Biological Conservation (authors: DW Schindler and PG Lee). In a water-scarce world, there is increasing pressure to divert and exploit boreal freshwaters, and devising conservation plans to protect boreal freshwaters and their catchments is urgent. We propose a catchment-based approach that includes water and chemical mass-balances as a sensitive means of detecting early degradation of many ecosystem services in both catchments and freshwaters.

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