Canada Access 2010

(2014-01-09) Access is human-caused alteration of habitat and landscapes resulting in spatial separation of habitat and landscape units from a previous state of greater continuity. Major human access results in habitat fragmentation which is often a cause of species becoming threatened or endangered. This dataset provides an overall picture of the extent of human access in Canada.

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Aboriginal Communities in Forest Regions in Canada: Disparities in Socio-Economic Conditions

(2003-11-10) GFWC combined statistics with mapping to depict socio-economic disparities in Aboriginal communities in forest regions in Canada. Published in English and French!

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Canada's Forests At a Crossroads: An Assessment in the Year 2000

Crossroads Report(2001-02-01) GFWC's first major product, which contains our first look at the scale and magnitude of development within Canada's forests. Published in English and French!

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