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Nova Scotia’s Proposed Chignecto Wilderness Areas: Are they Capturing Intact Forest Landscapes?

(2011-07-28) Global Forest Watch Canada provides comments on the Nova Scotia government's proposed boundaries for the Kelley River and Raven Head Candidate Wilderness Areas in the Chignecto region. We found that the Chignecto region is the only area in the province with more than 20,000 ha of intact forest landscapes not having a core protected area. The two candidate wilderness areas protect a significant portion of the intact forest landscapes in the Chignecto area, but additional adjacent intact forest landscapes still remain unprotected, including a substantial amount on crown land.

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Canada's Terrestrial Protected Areas Status Report 2010: Number, Area and "Naturalness"

(2011-06-29) This study found that Canada has set aside only 8.5 percent (84.5 million hectares) of its land mass in permanent protected areas. This is more than four percent lower than the global average of 12.9 percent and more than six percent lower than the United States at 14.8 percent. The report also offers the first assessment of some of the significant recent progress in protecting Canada's wilderness between 2000 and 2010, the first decade of the 21st century.

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Conservation Priorities for the Lower Athabasca Planning Region, Alberta

(2009-07-08) GFWC prepared this report under the direction of five environmental organizations, in support of the Government of Alberta's direction in the Terms of Reference for the Regional Advisory Council of the Lower Athabasca Plan in Alberta. The report records the methods used to identify sites of high conservation priority and presents a map of conservation priority areas in the Lower Athabasca land-use planning region.

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The Last Great Intact Forest Landscapes of Canada: Atlas of Alberta (Parts I & II)

(2009-04-02) This 2-part atlas was published in the hope that it will assist Albertans in their efforts to sustainably manage their important forest legacy; its production was triggered by the Alberta Government's release of Alberta's Land-use Framework in December 2008. The atlas reveals a dramatic reduction in large blocks of Alberta's natural boreal forest landscapes due to the expansion of industrial activities in recent decades. Part I of the atlas provides context and maps of Alberta's intact forest landscapes; Part II focuses on the threats to these forests.

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Canada's Forests At a Crossroads: An Assessment in the Year 2000

Crossroads Report(2001-02-01) GFWC's first major product, which contains our first look at the scale and magnitude of development within Canada's forests. Published in English and French!

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