Oil and gas fragmentation in Northwest Saskatchewan (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

(2016-01-21) In October 2015, GFWC staff did some field work in northeastern AB and northwest SK to verify our mapping work. The aerial video and photos posted here show oil and gas fragmentation in former intact forest landscapes.  


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Recent burned area in the Boreal Forest of Saskatchewan (VIDEO & PHOTO)

(2015-12-15) During the summer of 2015, there were 716 forest fires in Saskatchewan, compared to a 10 year average of 363 (according to the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System). These fires burned 1.755 million hectares, compared to a 10 year average of 471,000 hectares. 
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Recent Anthropogenic Changes within the Boreal Plains Ecozone of Saskatchewan and Manitoba

(2006-05-05) This report and accompanying materials share the interim results of the second stage of our initial change analysis project. Satellite images from different dates (~1990 and ~2000) for the Boreal Plains Ecozone in Saskatchewan and Manitoba were compared using a differencing algorithm so that we could assess where recent forest disturbances have occurred.

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