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Tar Sands Threaten World’s Largest Boreal Forest (GFW Blog Post)

(2014-07-15)  "Canada’s boreal forest is one of Earth’s major ecological treasures. Yet the region’s forests are under threat from logging, hydrodams and mining. Satellite data reveals a major new threat to Canada’s boreal forests—tar sands development." Read the GFW blog post here.
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Putting People on the Map: the Land Tenure Data Challenge and Global Forest Watch (GFW Blog Post)

(10-04-2014) "By incorporating land tenure information, Global Forest Watch will be among the first global tools that enable stakeholders to better understand who to hold accountable for forest loss, and who to recognize and reward for forest protection. However, collecting geospatial data on local land rights is challenging for several reasons." Read the GFW blog post here.

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5 Overlooked Deforestation Hotspots: Boreal Forests Are Cleared for Tar Sands Development (GFW Blog Post)

(21-03-2014) The World Resources Institute’s new Global Forest Watch initiative identifies 5 overlooked deforestation hotspots, one which is Canada's Tar Sands region. It includes an animation sequence of a portion of the tar sands region that shows forest loss annually from 2000 to 2012. The other forest global hotspots are in Paraguay, Malaysia, Ivory Coast, and the Atlanta suburbs in the United States. Click here to read the blog post.

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Global Forest Watch: Dynamic New Platform to Protect Forests Worldwide

(2014-02-20) The World Resources Institute (WRI), Google, and a group of more than 40 partners, including Global Forest Watch Canada, launched Global Forest Watch (GFW), a dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system that empowers people everywhere to better manage forests.

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Global Forest Watch: Conserving Assets, Creating Legacies (Peter Lee at TEDx Nairobi)

(2013-11) GFWC's Executive Director talks about the Global Forest Watch (GFW) network: a partnership that aims to provide the most current, reliable, and actionable information about what is happening in forests worldwide. GFW unites satellite technology and human networks to show where and how forests are changing, who is using them, and how we can sustain them for future generations. View Peter's TEDx Talk on YouTube

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